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Neff Studio Salon Secure Reservation System

To reserve an experience at Neff Studio Salon using our Secure Reservation System, please follow the prompts below.

We use the latest SSL technology to transmit your information to our systems. Your information is being encrypted to safeguard your credit card and personal data.

In order to process your reservation, you will need to provide payment using a valid credit card!

If you do not provide payment at the checkout screen, your reservation WILL automatically be cancelled after 10 minutes. Only appointments that receive an email confirmation after checkout will be confirmed.

Neff Studio Salon Careers
We are currently accepting new talent applications for a Part / Full Time Stylist Position!

Studio Tour Neff Studio Careers

Neff Studio Salon Tour
See what a Neff Studio Salon experience is like online! Visit our Online Gallery for pictures of the studio and recent styles by the Neff Studio Salon Team.

Studio Tour Neff Studio Tour

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